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About the Faculty

Our faculty is an integral part of Graz University and structured as follows:

The smallest academic units are the institutes which are actually an informal structure set up by the faculty mirroring the classic division of disciplines within the theological faculty. 

Every institute consists of at least one professor, academic staff and an office administrator and disposes of its own infrastructure, rooms and section in our central library. All institutes are responsible for their academic qualification. The head of each institute is appointed by the dean who through these appointments delegates some of his own responsibility in terms of performance to the heads of institutes. 

The Faculty Board consists of elected representatives from the curia of professors, academic assistants and students. All important decisions in relation to the faculty is dealt with by the board. 

The Faculty Committee is chaired by an elected chairperson. Dean, Dean of Studies and Dean of Research are the operative bodies of the faculty.

The faculty currently consists of: 

  • 24 professors with teaching licence
  • 2 assistant professors 10 research assistants  
  • 1 head of the office of the dean, 14 office administrators


Dean's Office of the Catholic Theological Faculty
Universitätsplatz 3 A-8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - +43/316/380-3150, 3152, 6001, 6003

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